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Hey, I’m Dean.

I write and speak about Personal Development, Meaningful Work, Motivation, and Mastery.



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If you’re into personal growth, but sick of seeing sleazy self-help gurus crowding the web with crappy content, then you’ll dig my blog. Why? Because every week, I publish 100% BS-free, research-driven, personal development articles + audio training to help you crush it in life.

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Join me on my weekly personal development podcast every Wednesday to hear inspiring insights, ideas, and interviews on how to lead a happier, healthier, and wealthier way of life.

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You don’t need to have Chuck Norris-level ninja skills to live an incredible life. In fact, you only need a few, science-backed strategies to make success happen. And you can learn ’em in my personal development training libraryโ€”filled with free eBooks, guides + audio programs to help you level-up in life + work.

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