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Based on the best-selling book Mastery by Robert Greene, this course will break down how to become extraordinary in your field of work.

Format: 🎧 Audio, 📖 Text • Duration: 10 Lessons, 60 Minutes


what you’ll learn

The keys to mastery + becoming an authority in any industry

How to find your “life’s task” (aka: meaningful work)

How to leverage social intelligence + dimensional thinking

How to find a mentor to shorten your path to mastery

And much, much more.


How it Works

Approximately 1 hour.

Fast + actionable.
Lessons include actionable exercises you can implement immediately.

Private dashboard.
Simply log in and start learning. Your progress is automatically saved + synced on all your devices.

Read or listen.
This is an audio and text based course, so you can read each lesson, or press Play and let me be your guide.


What you’ll get

Lifetime access.
You’ll have lifetime access to the course dashboard, so you can come back again and again until the lessons become ingrained in your mind.

Mastery CourseBook.
You’ll receive a downloadable and printable course workbook featuring lesson summaries + exercises.


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