Day 26. Push-Button Motivation

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Have you ever peered into the cockpit of an airplane as you were boarding?

It’s an intricate display of buttons, instruments, dials, knobs, levers, and switches—all of which are located under a single massive windshield.

What if, as you were boarding, you overheard the pilot say to the copilot, “James, can you remind me what this set of buttons does again?”

If I heard that, I’d be outta there faster than a New York minute.

But most of us pilot our own lives that way—without much knowledge of the instruments.

We don’t take the time to learn where our OWN buttons are, or what they can do.

From now on, make it a personal commitment to notice everything that pushes your buttons…

Make a note of everything that inspires and motivates you—that’s your control panel… And it contains the buttons that operate your whole system of personal motivation.

Motivation doesn’t have to be accidental or mysterious.

  • You don’t need to wait for someone to come along and motivate you—you can login and listen to the lessons right here in this program, whenever you want.
  • You don’t need to wait for an inspiring song to come on, you can create a playlist of your motivational favorites right now – and have it ready to play in your car, while you’re working, or when you hit the gym.
  • You can do the same thing with inspiring movies. How many times have you finished watching a movie, documentary, or YouTube video, and felt insanely inspired afterward? Whenever that happens, jot it down on a dedicated list of inspiring videos. 6 months later, you can watch it again and reignite that same inspired feeling.

How to apply this method to motivation

Again—motivation does not have to be accidental or mysterious.

You can use “push-button motivation” to control and motivate yourself.

Here’s how:

  • Create a special list, notebook, or folder—on your phone or computer—and label it, “PUSH-BUTTON MOTIVATION.”
  • Fill it up with all your favorite songs, videos, podcasts, courses, websites, notes, pictures, and any of your other “buttons to motivation”.
  • Boom, now you’ve got an easily accessible place to go back to whenever you need a shot of motivation. Keep it up and continue adding to your folder anytime you come across something new and inspiring.

You’ve got way more control over your environment than you realize.

You can begin conditioning yourself consciously – to be more focused and motivated.

Just get to know your “control panel” and learn the art of push-button motivation.

The more you know about how you operate, the easier it’ll be to motivate yourself.

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